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Science and Technology Diploma: M.Tech in, B.Tech in, NIMT Biometric Diploma, NIMT Agriculture Engineering: M.Tech, B.Tech, M.SC., BSC., NIMT Trational Streams: MSc.in, MSc., B.Sc., M.A., M.S.W., M.Com., B.Com., B.A.A., B.A.G., NIMT School of Life Science: VLDA, HI, DVP, MPHW, Up-Vaidya, Yoga, NIMT School Management: MBA, BBA, MHA, MHA in, MSW, MBA.in, BBA.in, NIMT School of Humanities: M.Phil(sosiology), M.Phil(Phisical Education), NIMT School of Law: L.L.B., L.L.M.,B.A.L.L.M., NIMT School of IT: MCA, BSC, MSC IT, BSC IT, PGDCA, DCA, DIT
Founder Desk  
The reason why Columbus should be appreciated is not because he discovered a new way to America but because he had belief in himself that the new way exists”I firmly believe that confidence, commitment, creativity, hard work and patience always results in miracles.. The sole purpose of any kind of education process should be to inculcate the above-mentioned qualities in personality of students.

Founder Director
NIMT Group of Education
Late Er.Neeraj Meena
About Institute:
NIMT is an autonomous professional college to meet the growing needs of the Indian business sector in the recent years. Today, companies around the world are converging on one of the worlds most compelling market and Indian Industries are thereby becoming globally competitive. To address these unique demands created by industries at large and to deliver the specific requirements of industries in terms of skilled manpower, Indore Indira has created an environment wherein students are groomed keeping in mind industries curriculum to churn students into becoming future managers to face greater professional challenges in the global market place.
Student Focus::
NIMT aims to have an excellent student experience whilst studying here. This doesn't just mean a good teaching and learning experience but offering you the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and experience new things. As part of college life there are a variety of activities available at no cost to all students these include Swimming ,Basket ball ,Football , Rugby , Tennis , Volley ball, Gym and Aerobics as well as many others. Whether you want to be part of a team or just play for fun you will find an activity that suits you.